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Customize your shed the way you want it.

Why buy a shed from Country Barns and More?

The Wagler family has been building higher quality sheds for over 30 years. Unlike many competitors, Wagler Mini Barn Products only uses top-grade lumber and use more lumber in every shed they build. Bigger selection. At Country Barns and More we have 5 locations with display models open 24/7 to help make selecting the right building for you a lot easier. Contact us to get started today!

What sets our sheds apart from the competition?

Treated floor joist in all sheds and cabins are 12”O.C. not 16”O.C. Garages are 8”O.C. not 12”O.C. We use 5/8” 5 ply water sealed plywood flooring in all sheds and cabins, ¾” in all garages Wall studs in all our Elite style buildings are 16”O.C., not 24”O.C. No OSB roof sheathing in our Elite style buildings, we use 5/8” Techshield with a foil backing helping to reduce interior heat by up to 30%.

How is your shed delivered?

Your shed is delivered by truck already built. We unload the building and move it to your desired location with the use of a small machine we call a mule. There is virtual no damage to your lawn The delivery process takes 45-90 minutes depending on the site/location.

Do you build on site?

Yes, we can build your shed on site if there is not access to your desired location due to a fence, trees or other obstruction. The additional cost to build on site is 20%. It usually takes 4-8 hours depending on the size of the building to complete your on-site build

What about site preparation?

Your site needs to be level. Your new building will provide you with decades of dependable service as long as the site is level. For buildings 12x20 or smaller we recommend you have 12-15, 2” thick by 6”x8”solid blocks on site for our delivery team. They will set the blocks under the runners and level the building as long as the site is level. For buildings 12x24 or larger we recommend a 2”-3” laser level gravel base (#53’s, road pack)to set your building on. Do not try to finish leveling a crushed stone base with blocks. If your base is less than level, so will your building be for the next 20-30 years.

Do I need a building permit for my shed?

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to obtain any permits in the form of local government, municipality, zoning variances or subdivision/homeowners association’s rules and covenants. The best way to find this out is to check with your city or town. Contact us with any further questions.