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Country barns and more

Customize Your Way

At Country Barns and More we will customize your shed just the way you want it. All our building styles, sizes, colors and options provide our customers with hundreds of possible combinations. Although our standard configurations, which you will find on our display lots, are our most popular, we invite you to customize your shed any way you’d like. Add another door, window, shelving or a workbench. How about a cupola –whatever you envision, we can build it! 

72" Wide Doors

(Not for Metal Buildings)
Transom Windows in Wood Doors
Add $75 per Door

$490 For Each Set

Roll-Up Door Pricing
Wider Than Standard
7' Wide Add $100

Prehung Inswing Doors

Priced at $490

Country Barn's pre-hung, inswing doors option

Custom Slab Doors

Available Doors in Stock. $90.00 upcharge, choice of glass

Country Barn's 9 lite door option
Country Barn's 11 lite arch door option

Standard Slab Door

Considered $270 each or $490 for Double

Country Barns standard slab door option


Pair 27” @ $40.00
Pair 40” @ $65.00

Country Barn's shutter option
Country Barn's shutter color options


Non Ins. $99.00
Ins. $159.00

Sm. $99.00
Lg. $129.00

Vinyl Ins.
Sm. $179.00
Lg. $229.00

Country Barn's octagon window option
Country Barn Non-Ins window option
Country Barn's vinyl window option

Vinyl & Wood Railing

Country Barn's vinyl railing option

Vinyl $20.00 per ft.

Country Barn's wood railing option

Wood $10.00 per ft.


At Least 65% Included in Lofted Barn Price.
Custom Designed N/C

Country Barn's Loft Option

Ski-Lite Ridge

Metal Roof @ $8.00 lin. feet.
Includes Vented Strip.
N/A in Elite Buildings

Country Barns Ski-Lite Ridge


Sm. $45.00
Lg. $55.00
Color Same As Shutters

Country Barns flowerbox option

EZ Ramp Sections

3’ wide x 6’ deep

Country Barn's EZ ramp sections option

Comfort Air

Heat/AC Unit
18,500 BTU

Country Barn's comfort air AC option


$1 per sq. ft. of bldg. w/$250.00 minimum charge


$8.00 per Lin. Ft.
Plus downspouts $80.00 each

Country Barns gutter option

Closed Cell
Foam Insulation

Under Floor 1” Ins. $2.00 sq. ft.
Ceiling 2” Ins. $3.30 sq. ft.

Country Barns closed cell foam insulation option


$8.00 per Lin. ft.
Usually 2’ deep X Any Length
1,2 or 3 Rows High

Country Barn's shelving options

Duck Bill Anchors

Approved for rigid codes.
4 recommended
$45.00 each

Country Barns duck bill anchors

Work Benches

$8.00 per linear foot up to 24″ deep

with Eagle Vane


Country Barn's cupola with eagle vane option

Loft Ladder

Loft Ladder $149.00
Porch Swing $219.00

Country Barn's loft ladder option